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At Anderson Software LLC, we help clients determine if blockchain is a good fit for their business and, if so, help them develop trustworthy technology.

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Feasibility Analysis

We help clients determine their projects' feasibility, identify potential weaknesses in their plans, and determine if blockchain is a beneficial solution to their problem. Our experts can work with your team to avoid potential upfront issues and roadblocks you will likely encounter.

Blockchain's added value comes with tradeoffs that should be seriously considered. Commissioning a feasibility consultation or proposal review can help companies determine early on if their projects are well suited for blockchain. Our experts in this field can help mitigate expensive oversights and determine the real risks of proposed plans.

Project Planning/System Architecture

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers are often used when security and data integrity are paramount. Proper project architecture and keen attention to detail are requirements for building secure software. To guarantee the desired cryptographic properties, the project's use of blockchain is entirely dependent on which consensus algorithms are deployed and how the project architecture is designed. Often projects using blockchain are trying to develop software that no previous implementation exists for; as the adage goes 'never roll your own cryptography,' you should have an experienced consultant help in the project planning and design.

Before digging into any project, its design and system architecture should be considered. There are many different blockchain frameworks and environments that your design can run on (e.g., Hyperledger, Ethereum, Quorum). Hiring experienced blockchain consultants can significantly ease the integration of blockchain into your projects.

Project Development

Often, clients want to use blockchain as another tool in their more extensive projects. Instead of training staff and dealing with the inevitable delays that slow down other priorities while learning new techniques, you can send your requirements to us. Anderson Software LLC has extensive experience with blockchain development and can assist in the development phase of any team. We will work with you in producing a project deliverable.

If you are looking to have blockchain be a part of your core IP and feel uncomfortable relying on a third party developing your entire project, we can help develop segments of any size and perform code reviews to catch possible implementation mistakes and issues.

Security as a forethought, not an afterthought

Bugs are Costly
The costs of bugs from seemingly minor mistakes can be substantial. In 2017 a single line of code in the Parity Multisig Wallet resulted in the loss of over 30 Million Dollars to affected users.
Secure Designs
We evaluate designs before anything else to identify risks and minimize potentially costly mistakes in plan development. With security as a primary focus, all designs are evaluated with stringent security concerns.
Unit and Integration Tests
Unit and Integration tests are always done standard with any project to ensure all development is performing as expected and to immediately identify potential regressions.
Reliable Code
Our emphasis on secure designs allow for clients to trust their projects will do what they want. The immutable design of blockchain may make certain mistakes irreversible; having experienced consultants can help guide your project away from costly mistakes.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology are often used because traditional trust models are insufficient. Blockchain offers data immutability; many project designs incorporate other properties such as privilege control, private data channels, and data authentication. These properties are guaranteed by cryptographic primitives working as a whole to build a secure solution. Many today working on blockchain technology do not have a solid foundation in the study of modern cryptography. This lack of understanding can lead to trivial and seemingly minuscule mistakes that can foil secure designs. Our specialists understand not only blockchain, distributed ledger, and popular frameworks but are also experts in modern cryptographic proofs, security principles, and cryptographic primitive design risks.

An Opportunity beyond Cryptocurrency

Smart Contracts
Smart contracts are programs that can run on blockchain or blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum or Hyperledger, which can be interacted with and self execute on predetermined conditions.
Distributed Apps
Distributed Apps are off-chain, blockchain-enabled applications that can connect and interact with smart contracts. They can offer users many novel business opportunities in developing P2P decentralized programs.
Trustless Auditable Authorities
Blockchain can act as a distributed, immutable data store that can both prove data integrity and act as an independent decentralized time server. Highly sensitive records can be tracked without leaking data while still providing auditable assurance.
Blockchain Analysis
Many blockchains have large amounts of data being added continuously: interactions with smart contracts, cryptocurrency transfers, and other such metadata. The open nature of many blockchain networks allows for a unique opportunity to pursue blockchains as sources for data mining and market analysis.

When most people think of blockchain, they immediately think of cryptocurrency and often Bitcoin; for Bitcoin to be a reality however, many serious issues in distributed ledger technology needed to be solved. Blockchain was the solution. Those who have a computer science background may have read the Bitcoin whitepaper and found it interesting if relatively limited in use due to its time and space constraints and overall inefficiency compared to other technologies available. In the years after the bitcoin whitepaper was published, research has been ongoing, which brought about many advances and has opened up blockchain technology to many new markets.

The number of market opportunities available now in building and leading the way in secure applications should not be overlooked by any business trying to compete in today's marketplace. Ethereum opened the door to smart contracts (programs which run on the blockchain) and the myriad of distributed apps that could interact with them. The Solidity programming language for building apps that could run on the Ethereum virtual machine has opened many new possibilities. Quorum, developed by Chase Bank, has added support for private Distributed Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithms that have eliminated forks in private networks and introduced private data channels along with the public ones for intercompany networks. Hyperledger saw a use case in making more private and business-oriented networks. It introduced toolkits that support building custom blockchain apps running on private chains with their Chaincode programming language.

Emphasis on Research-Backed Designs

Recent Publications
New techniques, protocols, and consensus algorithms are being developed every day. We continually monitor academic and business publications to always be aware of new innovation and stay ahead of the competition.
Permissioned Networks
Many businesses need decentralized trust with known participants, which traditional blockchain networks do not assure. We offer research-backed network designs to ensure secure, permissioned control to protect business needs.
Anonomuous Actors
Sometimes a design requires user interaction to be anonymous. Whether your design requires complete transparency or total anonymity, we can guarantee these properties using the latest available research in private designs.
Modern Crypto
We are familiar with and keep up to date with modern cryptographic advancements in multiple fields, including blind signatures, ring signatures, and cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs. We do this to ensure your project will properly and securely meet its design goals.

Rather than reinvent the wheel at our client's expense, our company follows all the latest developments in blockchain technology and relevant cryptographic concepts. This initiative allows us to build projects for our clients that are state of the art and follow the best practices in blockchain design. By following the latest research, we can work to fit client design goals best. Technologies already exist that can help promote either permissioned or anonymous networks and assure users have the authority to perform actions (even anonymously).

Many fields of cryptography, which before were merely novel concepts, have found practical use in the blockchain world. Work on blind signatures, ring signatures, and zero-knowledge proofs are finding themselves used increasingly in blockchain designs to assure privacy, anonymity, eligibility, and ownership. Having knowledge and understanding of not only these concepts but also the continually improving research around them can help create designs and projects that otherwise would be impossible. Regardless of your project's needs, having a company with a solid understanding of the continually ongoing research in these fields can only benefit your project planning and design.

If you are unsure if blockchain may be a good fit for your company, give us a call, and we will answer any questions you may have in our free consultation.